30 Days, 30 Gifts, Day 4 Winner – Plus Christmas Starry Night Kit!

Good Morning Everybody!   Wow – I don’t know if you are all keeping up with the wonderful deeds and acts of kindness that your fellow quilters are up to, but I have been … I started to answer all of them, but I just don’t know if I can keep doing that.   But, PLEASE KNOW – I am reading every single one of them! 

Today we are so excited because we have started our Christmas Exclusive Quilt Count-Down.  Over the next few weeks we are going to introduce about a dozen new designs – each quick and easy – that will make perfect gifts … and you will likely want to make 2 so you can keep one for yourself!  The first in this series is the Christmas Starry Wreath.  Julie made this while she was stuck at home during one of our snow days last week — it was supposed to be a bit further back in line, but I just LOVE it so much, it was bumped right to the front.  Click on the link, and then using the magnifier, look at the wonderful quilting on it … it is an absolutely stunning quilt! 

A Perfect Gift for a Special Friend - and a Wonderful Hostess Gift!

To help launch this Christmas fever in our quilts, today’s winner is going to receive a Christmas Starry Night Kit!

Drumroll please …. and Our Day 4 Winner is…
10/30 #5 Angel Tranter!  Congratulations and Thank you! 

Angel, it sounds like, is one of those inspiring people who give so much – even when things could look really grim for her.  Angel – we appreciate that you are trying to do an extra deed everyday, and we look forward to hearing more of what you’ve done.  Thank you!

19 thoughts on “30 Days, 30 Gifts, Day 4 Winner – Plus Christmas Starry Night Kit!

  1. Sorry about so many comments from me yesterday – I was having some severe internet problems and couldn’t see them so I wasn’t sure they ever went through. Hopefully today things are working better.

    Tonight I drop off two quilts for Project Linus at my quilt guild meeting. I try to make a t least two each month. We are a group of about 100 members who have reached a 3000 quilt milestone for our local Project Linus chapter. I am very proud of the work we do and the generosity of my fellow guild members.

  2. Good morning, I just read about your contest. I have something that I am doing for the good of a friend. My 95 year old friend is in the hosp recovering from pneumonia. Most of her family lives in Alaska (we are in California). So I have been taking care of any business she needs attended to as well as making sure she is visited daily and contacting her family members with updates until they can get here to see her. She has been quilting for 84 years and is really a remarkable woman.

  3. What a great idea! We work rather hard here to instill compassion in our two girls (3&6). My eldest has helped make quilts for our local quilt guild that are then given to local children in need, be it the NICU, Jacob’s Heart, Make a Wish, or other local charities.

    But the one I wanted to post was this. Having two girls I have tons of outgrown clothes. I’d taken loads to the local kids stores hoping to get some trade amounts for future use, as my two always need something. But even still I have boxes and boxes the stores didn’t need. I was searching Craigslist one day and came across a post from a now single mother going through a tough spell, looking for anything for her little girl. I thought “Hmmmm….” So I emailed her, then got a call from this mother and got the entire story. My girls and I gathers up stuff, books, toys, clothes, diapers, etc. We filled our SUV to the gills, and drove this pile of kid stuff to her. Her comment when she saw it all was Christmas had come early.

    The three girls spent some time playing even. It was such a wonderful thing to see the look on this mothers face. That someone she didn’t know would bring her so much.

    I was thrilled to find someone that would use it all, and it served as a good example to my two girls, too.

  4. What a generous thing to do – give back to other givers! My sister-in-law always runs in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer and I usually donate money, but this year I asked her if she would raise more money if I gave her a quilt to raffle. She loved the idea and the quilt raised $450.00 at a silent auction fundraiser. I have promised her another quilt for next years run. Also, my son will be moving into an adult supported living facility this weekend and I am giving them a quilt to raffle to raise funds for furniture for their common area. I’m glad that my quilts will find new homes and help others in need.

  5. I am an instructor at the local college and my department is very serious about students handing in their work on time-even if there a reason why they couldn’t finish it. Therefore, no late work is accepted, under any circumstances.
    I allowed two students to “turn in” their work by merely vocalizing the answer to an essay question and allowed another two students an additional week to turn in late papers because both are the first ones in their families to be enrolled in college courses. Everyone deserves a chance to succeed!

    So shhhh, don’t tell anyone! :O)

    I feel terrible and great at the same time!

  6. Today I spent some time clearing out a closet. The things that did not make it back in (mostly toys, clothes & holiday decorations) are listed on my local freecycle site. If there isn’t anyone needing them there then they will be taken to goodwill this weekend.

  7. We have been hosting my friend, who is a travelling district manager, for two nights every week. My friend is my daughter’s mother-in-law and she stays in the room that used to be my daughter’s, but is now the guest room. Its great having a girlfriend drop in every week!

  8. I work at an Imaging Center doing Obstetric ultrasounds on pregnant women. I crochet baby booties and hats for the expectant mothers. Now that cooler weather is here, I am adding in a flannel blanket.

  9. It seems we are all thinking about clothing these days.
    I always keep things, thinking I will wear them someday, but there are people out there that really need them, so a few bags of clothes went to Big sisters.


  10. Cleaning out closets is somethi I do at least twice a year. I do it when I change clothing over from winter to summer and vice versa. This gives me time to get rid of the things I don’t want or don’t fit in anymore and helps me stay organized. Several years ago, after my surgery I started to take notice of the families in our apartment complex that are needy. I spoke with the office and they allowed me to set up the unwanted items in the laundry room with a note letting people know that they were welcome to them. From the start it generated interest from some of the neighbors who immediately started adding to my items. For the past 5 years it has been a tradition 2 times a year and now it is held on a much larger volume than I ever dreamed. The office started to get involved by adding refreshments and hotdogs to the mix along with bottled water. I moved about a year ago but they continue the tradition. I take things over there and help out. We have directed the needy to organizations that have given food, clothing, and furniture to them as needed. We have been able to make a few families lives happier and this is what it is all about. I have made several doll quilts for the little girls since my love is quilting. It is so nice to see the little girls walking their baby dolls with their blankets. I remember so well the doll quilt that was given to me by a neighbor on my 6th Christmas when I got my Shirley Temple Doll. Thse are the times that bring us all together. This year I am starting the same thing in our new complex for 2 needy families. The happiness and relief in their faces is what keeps me wanting to do more. I wish I could wipe away all the need in this world. Wouldn’t that be most wonderful?

  11. I am a single mom and am raising my two sons alone. My boys lost their dad after kidney failure around 8 years ago.

    Sewing and quilting for me has been a blessing. It seems to balance the stress and gives me a way to give back to friends and strangers.

    I work for a company out of Ft Worth TX, but I live in Florida. Someone at work had twins, so I am making 2 baby quilts to send to them in TX (one for a boy and one for a girl) I usually give most of the quilts that I make away to basically anyone who would like them. It is such fun to make someone smile who is not expecting it.

    My neighbors are mostly retired and range in age from around 70 to 80. I try to cook a family meal each night so I let my neighbors know that dinner hour is an open door and that they are welcome any time. My neighbor Barbara is 79 and has diabetes. She eats with us several times a week. It is always nice to share a meal and a blessing with someone.

    During the holidays my sons and I bake cookies and breads and deliver them to about ten different homes in the neighborhood. Many of the retired people live alone and it is fun to make them smile and let them know that they are thought of.

  12. I’m disabled and live with my parents. My Dad is also disabled and I help him out during the day while my Mom works full time. Every Wednesday, I volunteer to help our church groupo quilt other peopel’s quilts. The proceeds go to needy families and missions. I also make quilts for families that have a member with cancer or have lost their home to fire. I enjoy giving and wish I could do more. My goal for next year is to complete lap quilts for a local nursing home’s residents.

  13. I use to make a Christmas wreath every year and give it to an unsuspecting person who had made a difference in my life during the year. One year the night-watch lady at my office building; a person who helped with my children after my husband died suddenly; a distant friend who always asked how I was doing. One year I made six “fabric” wreaths and took them to the gift shop at our hospital and let them sell them to raise money. I think this year I will put my thinking cap on and find someone new to give to.

  14. I have been a member of the Delta Society for many years. I believe that animals improve peoples lives by their mere presence. Chance, my rescued Brittany, had the right temperament to be a wonderful Pet Partner. He enjoys people, has a calm nature and is tuned into people’s feelings. So on February 24, 2007 we tested and became certified Delta Society Pet Partner Team.
    Once a month we visit our near by public Library to participate in the Read to the Dogs Program. Children of all ages stop by to visit and many children choose to read him a story or two. This wonderful program encourages children to read aloud. They look forward to our visits and Chance looks forward to doing his ‘job’.
    Together we make a difference not only in each others lives but the lives of others.

    • Hi Pamela,
      To be entered in the 30 Days of Giving drawings, you simply need to do a good deed or act of kindness, and blog it to us. Your name will be entered in the drawing. The more days you do good deeds and blog us, the more opportunities you have to win. Good Luck! Teresa

  15. Every Monday for the past 6 months, I pick up my neighbors garbage cans and take them back to their house. My neighbor had knee surgery and she isn’t getting along too well and living back a long gravel driveway doesn’t help matters any.

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